How Automation Will Make Or Break Your Managed Services Company

How Automation Will Make Or Break Your Managed Services Company

Automation is critical to the success of your MSP; it allows you to build consistent procedures for many processes in your company. The fact that so many IT companies aren't automating much means you have an opportunity to seize more business in your area.

Running a profitable managed services company means keeping expenditures low. Automating more of your processes allows you to minimize the amount of redundant work and even the amount of staff necessary to run day-to-day operations in your MSP. Some common things MSPs will automate include:

  • The Sales Cycle
  • New Client On-boarding
  • Recurring Tickets / RMM Remediation
  • Invoicing / Collections

It's important that you figure out what YOU need to automate. Not every managed services provider operates the same way, so what works well for us may not work well for you. Look at repetitive processes, whether they're internal or customer-facing, and start thinking about which of those tasks can be automated.

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