Parenting as an MSP

Summer is here! Well, sort of. As of the end of this week, my kids will be out of school and now begins the interesting part of parenting—keeping them occupied without sticking a screen in front of their face for 10-12 hours. I know, that seems crazy considering what we all do for a living, but I've learned the hard way that these kids can get into trouble quickly when left to their own devices.

The Ultimate MSP Tool List

I am on a lot of different social groups for MSPs between Facebook, Reddit, Discord, and Slack. One question that I see half a dozen times a day is someone wondering what the best tool is. Whether it's a PSA, RMM, backup solution, antivirus, or literally anything else, someone is always wanting to know the best .

Rather than telling you to use the search function and read one of the other dozens of identical questions, I'm going to give you the answer.