The Ultimate MSP Tool List

I am on a lot of different social groups for MSPs between Facebook, Reddit, Discord, and Slack. One question that I see half a dozen times a day is someone wondering what the best tool is. Whether it's a PSA, RMM, backup solution, antivirus, or literally anything else, someone is always wanting to know the best .

Rather than telling you to use the search function and read one of the other dozens of identical questions, I'm going to give you the answer. Are you ready?

The best one is whatever works best for you. I know that sounds crazy, or like I just fed you a line of bullcrap, but it's the truth. If you're crazy awesome at scripting and don't need a script builder to help you out, you may find Syncro and ConnectWise Manage equally capable—they just need to be able to patch things correctly and run your scripts, right?

Obviously there's a lot more that goes into software selection. Asking others to give you the answer is a cop-out. You need to spend the time doing the research and find the tool that sucks the least for you, because we all run our MSPs differently so I use something is inevitably different to how you'll use it.

Finally, don't switch tools just because it's not doing what you don't want. Chances are you haven't figured out how to properly operate it and are only using a single-digit percentage of its capabilities. Once you master the tool you're on and truly determine that you've outgrown the tool, then you should be looking at switching. A different RMM isn't going to magically get you more business, because they're all going to be delivered to you pretty barebones. You will need to set the software up to do what it needs to do before it is doing the job of 5 techs for you, but automagically.

So there you have it. The best one is whatever works best for you. Once you do your own research to determine what one that is, you'll be able to make a well-informed decision.

I helped start the RMM Comparison Sheet which can be a great way to get a headstart on picking your RMM tool. I'll be creating comparison sheets for PSAs and backup tools in the coming weeks, so let me know if you're interested in having edit access to add content to it by leaving a comment below.

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