The MSP Comparison Charts

Trying to decide which management platform you want to build your company around is difficult and stressful. Unless you're going to bounce around between different platforms because—SQUIRREL—then you're going to take your time and make sure it's going to meet all of your current needs while trying to plan for the future.

This is why I created the RMM Comparison Chart a couple of years ago, and it's definitely become a useful tool for MSPs new and old. Last year I created the Microsoft CSP Licensing Chart and it's become a chart that not only compares different distributors' prices, but the different license types and what's included.

This week I've merged all of these into a single Google document with tabs at the bottom to help you navigate. This will give us the ability to create more comparison charts without having to remember new links.

In fact, I've created two comparison charts to get us started: PSA Comparison Chart, and Cloud VOIP Comparison Chart. These charts are all available right now and can be accessed by going to

Don't worry, the stand isn't sold separately for these comparison charts!

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