The Ultimate MSP Tool List

I am on a lot of different social groups for MSPs between Facebook, Reddit, Discord, and Slack. One question that I see half a dozen times a day is someone wondering what the best tool is. Whether it's a PSA, RMM, backup solution, antivirus, or literally anything else, someone is always wanting to know the best .

Rather than telling you to use the search function and read one of the other dozens of identical questions, I'm going to give you the answer.

Kaseya Acquires Spanning

Kaseya has recently acquired Spanning, a Cloud Backup solution for Office 365, G Suite, and Salesforce. In May Kaseya acquired Unitrends, a server and workstation backup solution. The acquisition of Spanning gives Kaseya a full suite of data protection.

What’s The Best PSA For My MSP?

If you're just dipping your foot into managed services for the first time you may not have used a PSA solution yet. Heck, you may not be entirely sure what PSA stands for. A Professional Services Automation (PSA) tool is basically ticketing system on steroids.