Peer Teams

A regularly-scheduled meeting to discuss business missteps and accomplishments

Learn from your peers

Together with your peers, we meet up once or twice a month with the following agenda:

Wins since the last meeting

We discuss major successes that you’ve had since our last meeting, such as getting new clients, hiring new employees, or going through mergers and acquisitions.

Financial reviews, such as MRR, P&L, etc.

I understand why some of you may hesitate to share your numbers, but that is exactly why I developed this program. It is a safe space to share your company’s current financial status so we can effectively help each other out.

Continuous improvement in your sales, marketing, and automation processes

It’s important to work on your business, not just for your business. We’ll discuss one thing you can do before the next meeting to improve your business.

Short presentations from one or two members based on a rotating schedule

One member will have the opportunity to share new and useful MSP insights that can benefit others.

A workshop based on the presentations

We’ll work together as a group to take what we learned in the presentation and put it to use.

Do keep in mind that these topics aren’t set in stone so we can change them as we figure out what works and what doesn’t. I, myself, have not been in another peer group specifically for MSPs, nor do I want anybody giving me another group’s playbook. Peer Teams are built from the ground up, with the primary purpose of helping businesses succeed.

Peer Team Requirements

Members must be located at least 100 miles apart.

Members must be the business owner or key decision maker.

Members must be in business for at least two years.

Note: Exceptions are possible case-by-case as long as approved by all team members.

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