Slack Team

An alternative channel for communicating with other MSPs

Because you won’t always be available to video chat

The Slack Team is a fantastic way to connect with MSPs around the globe. It is ideal for members who cannot join the Video Chat Room because they either don’t have the necessary equipment, there’s too much noise, or perhaps they’re just a little shy. That’s why I made sure you have another available channel to speak to your MSP colleagues. Here are some reasons to join our Slack Team:

It’s the platform where most communications and announcements happen

There are private channels for each Peer Team to ensure they focus on monthly goals and priorities

It has specialized channels for topics like security, documentation, compliance, announcement of wins, and more

You can DM individuals and groups, and even set up group video calls

Note: The MSP Webinars Slack Team isn’t the free version with a 10,000 message limit; we’re on a paid license with unlimited history and searchable text.

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