Video Chat Room

Because you don’t always have time to step out of the office to network

Networking, the convenient way

MSP Webinars’ Video Chat Room introduces a whole new way to network with your peers without leaving the office. Here are some benefits:

Communicate with like-minded MSP owners – Working by yourself can get pretty lonely. That’s why we created a video chat room to give you an opportunity to chat with others to make friends and talk about business.

Get help when you need it – There will be days when you don’t know how to tackle a certain subject, which is why an extra set of eyes can be beneficial. Simply log into the video chat room and ask for help. Some even share their screen while using PSA, RMM, or a client’s server to work on things together.

Discuss the tools of the trade – Chat with other MSPs to learn what software they are using, why they chose it, and more.

Chat with Steve about your business – I can serve as your accountability partner, encouraging you to achieve your company mission and vision.

Join our video chat rooms on a weekly or daily basis to build relationships with other MSPs,
or you can also try our Peer Teams program where we meet face-to-face.

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