An Introduction to Harmony PSA

In a world dominated by two large and mature players with a clutch of simplistic challengers, Harmony stands alone. Its modern interface, deep, rich and flexible configurability, powerful API’s and full flow-of-business process modeling outpaces the other challengers and makes the market leaders look old, inflexible and limited. Although it has a wider functional base than any other product, it is still priced competitively, in spite of being offered with a dedicated-tenant deployment model.

In this webinar, we will walk through what makes Harmony unique in the marketplace, from lead generation to cash collection, everything is in a single platform, a single DB and a responsive UI.


  1. The Harmony story, where we came from and what we are trying to achieve
  2. Scope of the product
  3. How to buy
  4. Product Overview
    1. UI explanation
    2. Sales order process
    3. Ticketing (inc assets/SLA’s etc)
    4. Project Management
    5. Billing and cash collection, accounting interface
  5. Q&A